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“Calla” ensemble is a harmonious blend of classic charm and modern refinement, designed to captivate and empower. Immerse yourself in an ensemble that transcends the ordinary, defining elegance on your terms.

Material: Printing Cotton with Linig Embroidery



Swan Neckline: Embellishing the ensemble with timeless grace, the swan neckline imparts a regal aura, elevating your presence with its refined curvature.
Diamond Dummy Button: A symphony of opulence, each diamond dummy button serves as a testament to the ensemble’s commitment to luxury, weaving an intricate tapestry of sophistication.
Zipper at the Back: Seamlessly marrying style with convenience, the discreet zipper at the back ensures a flawlessly tailored fit, embodying the perfect fusion of modernity and traditional charm.
Side Panel: Elevating the ensemble’s allure, the side panel introduces a contemporary flourish, bestowing a sense of architectural finesse upon this sartorial masterpiece.
Hot Fix at Top & Sleeve: Like celestial constellations adorning the night sky, hot fix embellishments delicately shimmer on the top and sleeves, adding a celestial touch to your ensemble.
Puff Sleeve with Zipper: A playful nod to modern aesthetics, the puff sleeves, adorned with a subtle zipper, offer a whimsical twist to this sophisticated silhouette.


Side Zipper: Crafted with utmost precision, the discreet side zipper seamlessly integrates both style and functionality, ensuring effortless grace as you step into this ensemble.
Front Slit Skirt: Revel in understated allure with the front slit skirt, a tasteful revelation of sophistication that harmoniously balances modesty and contemporary flair.



V-Neckline: Embark on a journey of timeless allure with the V-neckline, delicately framing the neckline and providing a touch of contemporary elegance.
Diamond Dummy Button: Adorned with opulence, each diamond dummy button becomes a focal point, an intricate detail that elevates the ensemble to a regal masterpiece.
Zipper at the Back: Marrying practicality with grace, the discreet zipper at the back ensures a seamless and tailored fit, allowing you to effortlessly embrace sophistication.
Side Panel: Introducing a touch of modern flair, the side panel adds structural interest, creating a dynamic silhouette that effortlessly captivates attention.
Hot Fix at Top & Sleeve: The ensemble sparkles with celestial radiance as hot fix embellishments delicately shimmer on the top and sleeves, casting a captivating allure.
Puff Sleeve: Infusing a hint of playfulness, the puff sleeves lend a touch of whimsy to the ensemble, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and contemporary chic.


Full Waistband: Providing comfort and style, the full waistband ensures a secure and flattering fit, offering a touch of modernity to the traditional silhouette.
Mermaid Skirt: Immerse yourself in the glamour of a mermaid silhouette, where the skirt gracefully flares out, offering a captivating and refined look that embodies modern sophistication.

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